Archos CEO dips his not waterproof smartphone in a glass of water (major flop)

Well here's what happens when the CEO of a company doesn't know exactly how... water proof the products of his lineup really are. Meet Archos CEO, Mr. Loic Poirier who made an epic flop when he tried to show off the waterproof capabilities of the company's Quenchua 5" Phone!


According to its official specifications, the device is IP54 certified, which means that it can withstand several drops of water falling on it, moisture and wet hands. Nothing more, nothing less. Well the CEO of Archos seems to have forgotten all about its IP54 certification and dipped the smartphone into a bowl of water! The result? Obviously the device was destroyed as you can understand, before the demo was complete!

Have a look at the following video and enjoy!

Le directeur d’Archos casse un smartphone censé... from Spi0n

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