Creoir Ibis dual face smartwatch. Pretty as a ... jewel (MWC 2014)

A different smartwatch was demonstrated at MWC 2014 in Barcelona by a design studio from Finland, called Creoir. This is a dual-face device which combines Android OS with a ... conventional watch and also the beauty of a jewel. It is called Creoir Ibis and is so beautiful, as you can see in the following picture.


The Creoir Ibis dual face smartwatch features a custom user interface on top of the Android OS and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It features an OLED touch screen and supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and connectivity via USB. The device can be connected with a smartphone and act as a remote control, by displaying notifications for messages and calls. It also incorporates a number of sensors such as accelerometer, electronic compass and ambient lighting sensor.



It is made of stainless steel and glass, while the side of the watch is not simply a screen but a fully functional analog quartz watch. Its design of inspiration and its name come from the ibis, a bird that joins its wings together when is flying in order to carry a small bird at his back. The symbolism has to do with the valuable and personal information you transfer to your smartwatch.



The Creoir Ibis which comes from a design studio, is likely in the future to become available from a different brand. We have no information on price or availability for now, so we can only enjoy the photos or the following video.

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