HAV304: the largest aircraft in the world is a hybrid!

In the photos you see the largest plane in the world, called HAV304 and it has been manufactured by the company HAV (Hybrid Air Vehicles), with a total length of 91 meters and looks a lot like a Zeppelin.


It has the ability to transfer tens of tons of cargo and can fly in low altimeters or with bad weather. It's in fact a hybrid plane, air balooon and helicopter! Half of its volume is filled with Helium (that allows for its lifting in the air) and has propellers that enable it to be in the air with no airfield necessary and its hybrid technology allow it to fly for more than 50.000 miles! It's 70% green (because it doesn't produce so many pollution) and can fly with speeds of up to 100 miles per hour!


The HAV304 is partially funded by the UK government and also the lead singer of the Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson), who said that the first HAV304 will be used by telecoms companies but soon other flying machines like this will be built to offer more luxurious ways of living!


Not bad Bruce Dickinson. Not bad at all.

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