WildStar: a bit of Guild Wars, Old Republic and my WoW!

One of the most awaited MMORPG games of the year - apart from TESO- is the Wildstar. It has been developed by Carbine along with ArenaNet (Guild Wars 2) and NCSoft. Zegetron gave us a little key for the closed beta that is now in the works so we used it to find out if this Wildstar is worth all these things that I've been hearing about it.


In case you don't know yet, the game is being placed in the imaginary universe where planet Nexus is. This planet was inhabited by The Eldan, an alien race until they were extinct and now two clans, Dominion and Exiles fight each other for the Eldan technology. Entering the game you have to create a character, choosing between these two clans, 6 classes (Warrior, Esper, Spellslinger, Stalker, Medic, Engineer) and 8 races (Cassian, Draken, Mechari, Chua, Humans, Granok, Aurin, Mordesh). You know how these things go, some are tanks, some other DPS and some others are healers. After all of the above, you have to choose the path your character will have to follow (Soldier, Explorer, Settler, Scientist) , unlocking the relevant bonus next to it, depending on the path.

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