Oppo's Find 7 smartphone comes with a 50MPixel camera?

Well it looks like Oppo is getting ready to impress us once again, this time with their most awaited Find 5 camera phone, that packs a 5.5 inch display @ 2560x1440 pixels! Now a photo that presunably belongs to its camera promises resolutions of up to 50MPixels! Yes 50!


The photo that was uploaded in Weibo (here it is in full) has 8160x6120 pixels resolution and its EXIF data clearly states that an Oppo Find 7 was used for its capture. We still don't know what imaging technology Oppo uses to come to this result, nor if they use solutions similar to the ones HTC or Nokia use, but in any case it's surely impressive! Expect Oppo Find 7 to be unveiled on the 19th of March and we will finally learn.

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