Τhere is a virus which can be transmitted to the computer via Wi-Fi

Α virus that is similar to the flu was created in the laboratories of the University of Liverpool, but ... for computers and gadgets. It is called "Chameleon" and can be transmitted from network to network, without being detected and affects Wi-Fi networks which are not protected. Such as the public wireless networks.


Fortunately, for now, the Chameleon is located only in the computers and pilot networks of the University of Liverpool with the researchers aiming to prove that nothing is impossible regarding to technology that we use today. "There was a belief that it was not possible to transmit a virus through wireless networks", Professor Alan Marshall said. "But we have proved that this is possible and that the virus can be spread to many devices, very quickly. By simulating the transmission of the virus via Wi-Fi, we collect data that will help us develop a new technique in order to know when there is a possibility for a virus to be transmitted via a wireless network".

Just imagine this possibility. Imagine the possibility that a virus could be transmitted through the mobile network. Anything is possible. If it is possible to transmit data, so it is possible to create a virus that is transmitted from these networks. And is already proved that a virus can be transmitted to computers through sound frequencies. The invention of Chameleon is the opportunity to find the tools that will protect the devices and networks from such an attack.

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