From where do PC's and watches learn the time?

Did you ever wonder? How does our smartphones show the correct time every moment? It is not "smart" by itself. It is scheduled to be smart. Where do the data come from when our smartphone shows the time, they have to come from somewhere!


In an extremely interesting interview at Atlantic, Dr. Demetrios Matsakis, from the position of the head of the observation time section in the Observatory of the Navy in United States, explains how the time is officially estimated, the individual clocks that record the time with absolute precision and the importance of those elements, both for the accuracy of the time that we are seeing in our devices, as well as for other systems, such as GPS.

Watch below the interview of Dr. Matsakis. It is enjoyable, even if it is a little difficult to be followed by someone who is not very familiar with the English language. It is fascinating the looking of all the 'individual' clocks which measure the time and are so expensive, in order not to miss a single second in the next 300 billion years. And if after this interview you want to learn more about the lab and the "clocks" in "Time" section of the US Navy, click on their page, here.

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