iPhone 5s kept track of my movements even when it had no battery for 4 days!

In a post on Reddit which causes a lot of fuss, the user Glarznak from Canada says that the iPhone 5s which is his possession continued to monitor and record his movements, even when its battery had died for 4 days!


He says that he was on a trip abroad when the charger of the device broke, so decided to leave the telephone in his bag and to continue the next four days of his "getaway" without trying to charge the device (stating that he had an other phone to communicate with his family). However, as he noted, this did not prevent the device from recording every move of him... The owner of the iPhone 5s had the Argus app to follow his steps on the device and, after returning from the holidays, found that the app had ... measured everything during the four days that the phone was dead. "I am impressed and in horror at the same time," says and under the post there are a lot of comments about the truth of the data, whether if the iPhone 5s and the M7 co-processor have such a possibility, but also the role of the Argus App, the GPS (and possibly a fitness tracker) in all of this.

The iPhone 5s incorporates the M7 motion co-processor, a chip which has the ability to record the steps of the user and to supply third-party fitness applications.

In addition, in each case, when the battery of a device "dies", there is still a small amount of power reserved for some of the elements of the device. This is known, but is still remarkable how, if we choose to believe the story, the M7 has managed to keep the movements of the user for four consecutive days without charging the device. What do you think?

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