A patent of Samsung converts your hands into... a keyboard

Samsung has entered for good the game of wearable products with its latest announcements, while rumors want the Koreans to prepare many more proposals. They have already released information according to which the company is working on a wearable computer headset based on Google Glass and now a leaking patent reveals a different idea from the ... future.


It seams, therefore, that the Korean are thinking of using the user's hands, showing on them a... virtual keyboard. We don't know how easily you could write something on a keyboard like what you see in the picture, but we have our doubts...  As far as why Samsung chose this idea and not the voice commands, the description of the patent says that "the voice commands are often restricted due to low recognition accuracy and noisy environment" while they make your messages easier to "steal" by someone who is near and hears you.

There are many ideas in the field of wearables, let's see which of these will help to achieve the best possible implementation.

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