The iPhone 5 that saved the life of a US soldier in Afghanistan

A strange incident happened to Shaun Frank from Utah, who was in Afghanistan with US forces. While he was trying to help an army vehicle with his group he came face to face with a suicide bomber. He tried to evade him but it was too late and the bomb exploded a few feet away from him. Some fragments injured him but one of them (that could be fatal) was evaded with the help of the iPhone you see below!


According to the doctors and his sister in KSL network, the iPhone 5 he had in his pocket saved him, since one fragment hit it and destroyed the device, instead of killing him!


Hoping to keep the device as a souvenir, Frank sent an email to Apple wondering if this damage was covered by his insurance. Apple replied that they could either change the device with a new one, or let him keep it. After a large crowdfunding campaign however, Frank managed to get a new iPhone from Apple and keep his old one, reminding him how... technology can save our lives sometimes.

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