Playing Tetris on a skyscraper with ... 29 floors!

On 4 April a very interesting ... experiment will take place in Philadelphia (USA). Frank Lee, a professor at the University of Drexel and head of his game development studio, as part of the Philly Tech Week, decided to put the pop culture for good to the lives of the citizens. How? By playing Tetris on a skyscraper with 29 floors!


Lee, last year, played Pong in the CIRA Center building using its lights. This year, he will do something similar in the same building, by playing Tetris and even double-face! His last project occupied 59,800 square feet while this one, over 100,000!  If he succeeds, he will break the record that holds himself for the "Largest Architecture Video Game Display". In fact this year the Tetris will be playable by any interested man or woman and it will support multiplayers (co-op and versus)!

"My aim last year with Pong was the people of Philadelphia to have a unique and common experience. It was not only for those hundreds who played but for the thousands who just saw it", Lee said. "But we used only the one side of the building so it was visible from half the town. This year I would like to use both sides to create a unique moment only for all the residents of Philadelphia", he added.

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