What men and women want from a smartphone

Finally, men and women do not differ in regards to their smartphone preferences. When it comes to buy a new device, the criteria which make us to choose a device from one another, are almost common: the price, the features, the battery autonomy and the software. These are revealed by Nielsen through a research which was held in 58 countries and Statista made a relevant infographic.



We have however some differences ... For women for example, it 's a little more important the price (72%),than in men (67%), while it is less important the software (41%) than in men (48%). The biggest difference between the two sexes is the speed of the processor, with men to indicate that affects their decision to purchase a device (41%), than in women (31%). Also, from the small differences that we see in the results of Nielsen research in this graphic, it seems that women are interested a little more about the design and the camera of the device, while for men is more important the size of the screen.

In any case, what do you think, are there significant differences between the choices of men and women, when looking for a new smartphone?

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