Robocop is here and he's ... flying!

If you thought that all "drones" are limited only to the fields of battle in wartime, it' s time to think twice. A new drone assumes police duty with a teaser gun as a weapon!


A company from Texas, called Chaotic Moon, presented a live test of its new creation. The Cupid, as it is called (Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drones), is a typical flying drone with 6 propellers and is remotely controlled. The main weapon is an integrated teaser gun, which can make a shock of ... 80,000 Volts! If we consider that the usual corresponding police weapons are 50,000 Volts, you understand that we are talking about the ultimate weapon!

Its aim, of course, is to be used for the immobilization of offenders-criminals with safety and speed, reducing the risk to the police officers and increasing the efficiency of the "intervention", while it could protect you from an aspiring robber in your home. This is very interesting and as you will see in the following video it is working perfectly, although it probably has very little battery autonomy and furthermore it is quite noisy. In how many years, we will see such a "Robocop" on the streets?


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