How to make a microscope from cardboard, within 10 minutes

The bio technologist of Stanford University, Manu Prakash and his colleagues, thought how useful in the developing world, it would be an extremely low-cost medical tool as the microscope. They support this in their study that was published a few days ago, and they propose a new microscope that can be printed on a single piece of paper and be assembled, within 10 minutes, together with some more ... tools.


The various parts of this DIY microscope developed by Dr. Prakash, can be printed on a piece of cardboard which you can cut with scissors. The additional "accessories" that someone needs to make this improvised microscope are lens for magnification, a LED light and a small battery, like watch battery.

The video you see below, shows step-by-step the construction and it seems that for its assembly they used basic principles of origami and if you are wondering about how a scientist in the developing world will be able to see the sample in this improvised microscope, he can put the blood sample in a adhesive tape and to achieve magnification up to 2000 times, which is sufficient to detect the parasites which cause malaria for example.

You can see the study of Dr. Prakash and his colleagues here.

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