Here's the top Xbox Gamescore according to World Guinness records!

Well ok. Go to your Xbox and tell us your gamerscore. How much have you achieved? 5000? 20.000? 60.000? 100.000 perhaps? Well done you rule. But you don't mean a thing when compared to Stallion83, the player with the largest Xbox Live gamerscore in the world, according to the World Guinness Records, who has reached 1.000.000!


The guy has been earning his achievement points for the past 8 years and it seems that his record will not be broken by anyone else in the future. "I will not stop, I will keep on playing and stay No1 for ever" he said while finishing his live streaming at the point he reached 1 million points as his gamescore. Oh and if you ask, he did it while unlocking a 50 points Achievement in Titanfall.

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