This is the first email attachment and it was sent 22 years ago

There have been 22 years from the day that Nathaniel Borenstein sent to his colleagues the first email attachment of all ages. This was the image you see below from the Telephone Cords, the ... "barbershop quartet" which he set up then with some of his colleagues.


Together with another researcher, Ned Freed, Bornstein wrote and developed the Internet standard MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), which is used even today, enabling us to send via email other types of files, apart from text, such as images, sounds, video, etc. And this is somehow, the first email with picture attachment was sent, which you can see here, where, together with the photo, you'll enjoy a ... sound extract from the -dedicated to MIME- song which the four of them told to honor it. These are some retro moments that have written their own "technological" story!


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