Chris Dancy is the "most connected man in the world". Here's why!

Chris Dancy has "named" himself as the most connected man in the world and, if you read this, perhaps you will agree. This is because, it seems that he has the way to record in real-time data relating to his everyday life by using 300 to 700 (!) systems. He has to his wrists as many wearable devices as you can imagine, from the Fitbit tracker to the Pebble smartwatch. He calculates his weight with the help of the Aria-Wi -Fi, he uses the Philips Hue light bulbs which controls them with his smartphone, while he sleeps with the help of the Beddit bed cover that monitors his sleep.




"All began five years ago" Chris said "when I noticed that my doctor found it hard to keep my health records. At the same time, I was worried that my work on the Internet could be lost if a service would crashed. In an effort to gather these information, I began to look for ways in which I could put together the data when I didnt have time to record them by myself".


As he said, in fact, he managed to lose 45 kg, by recording through smart gadgets his habits, something that helped him to "take more data about his life". As for his favorite devices, he said that these are the Body Media fitness tracker and the Pebble and he also likes products such as Google Glass or applications such as Google Now.

What do you think about the lifestyle of Chris Dancy? Learn more about him in the following video, and visit if you wish his site.

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