The mechanical pocket watch that can count time for 1000 years

The Swiss people are for time what the French are for wine. They know well and do wonders. Uwerk, is a clockmaker company which specialises in mechanical watches and the Zeit Uwerk Device 1001 is a mechanical miracle.

It is a mechanical pocket watch made to tell the time to its owner, if it is day or night, the exact days of the month (yes, it calculates if the month has 30 or 31 days) and the only month which needs adjustment, is February because it has 28 days.


In addition to the awesome special way for UR 1001 to show the time and the days, with a large part of the discs to be visible on the back, you can measure the years that the watch is working, and also the centuries. There is a small indicator that makes a complete circle in 100 years and then a bigger indicator measures the centuries. So, the grandchildren or grand-grandchildren of those who will buy the UR 1001, will know just how "old" is this masterpiece on their hands.

The mechanical pocket watch costs 350.000 in Swiss francs, around 290.000 euros. And if you think that it's excessive, consider the following: How much does a great device like this worth that can be used for 1000 years, and the only thing the users have to do, is to tune it every 39 hours and take it for maintainance every 5 years? Yes, there are indicators on the watch for that.

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