Threes: the awesome game that has driven iOS users mad, is now available for Android

For some time now, there is a huge buzz for this game on iPhone/iPad and now is available for Android users. The Threes, a Brain & Puzzle game, as the company said, is availiable in Google Play Store, for Android users who want to download it and become addicted to it.


The Threes! became available in iOS last February and a few days ago, the time came for Android to put it in its list. This is a puzzle game with a minimalistic design that revolves around the number ... 3 (like its name). Users are invited to combine boxes with numbers on a dashboard by swiping on the screen in one direction and forming in this way bigger numbers, which can combine after that to form even bigger numbers, as you can see in the following video.

The game is over when the dashboard is filled and you are not be able to make further additions, so your goal is to complete each game with the highest score. You can download Threes for Android here, but note however that it is not for free but it will cost you 1.43 euros (just like in iOS). Would you pay to play Threes on your device?

See an infographic of the company which was created by the statistics of Threes!




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