Titanfall review

Well guys in this case, who really cares if this games has - infact - a scenario? We're talking about giant robots killing people! In any case here it is: we're in a time of war in the future where giant robots called Titans are being used in battle. You are their pilot and take place in this war, representing one of the two sides: IMC the industry that mines all the sources of the planet and on the other side the Militia, a group of rebels who opposes IMC and its agenda.


Titanfall is no ordinary FPS. It's comprised of two phases. The first is where you as a pilot comes and uses all sorts of different weapons to fight, fly all over obstacles, become invisible etc. Then you use some other special Anti-Titan weapons that - yes- are able to destroy Titans if you use them wisely. Read the rest of the review in gameslife.

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