Who are the most "loyal" smartphone owners? Those who have Apple smartphones.

Wall Street Journal wanted to know which company has the most loyal customers. Those who, when they decide to change their device, choose a device from the same company. First on the list is Apple with their iPhone owners to declare that 76% of them began in 2013 with one iPhone and will continue to have iPhone the next time.



In the second place is Samsung with 58% of his customers to keep choosing their device, third is LG with 37%, fourth is Nokia with 33%, fifth is HTC with 30% etc. This survey was carried out between 3000 smartphone users who were in US, UK and Australia. The results do not show something important. It is logical that if someone started with iOS sometime in his life to keep choosing Apple's devices because there is no "escape" choice. This is how Apple works. But the loyalty to other companies is interesting, especially those who choose the Android software in their smartphones as well as, their users do not speculate whether will change company by changing the smartphone.

Are you "loyal" to the company that manufactured your smartphone?

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