The new 4.7 version of Skype for Android does not use much of the battery of your device

The concerns about how the autonomy of Android smartphone was affected by Skype app was loud lately, Microsoft, however, is moving toward to the improvement of that by releasing the new 4.7 version for Android. The new version manages in a better way the autonomy issues of the smartphone or tablet, by "spending" less battery when the application runs in the background in comparison to now.


In order to improve the battery consumption of your device, the application disables the notifications in group chats, noting that they will be reactivated in the future, without affecting the battery anymore. However, if you are in a hurry to get this feature enabled, a new setting in your application allows you to do so. According to Skype, this is only the beginning, as it is expected further improvement in the use of battery in next versions of the app.

For the moment, the 4.7 version is available at Google Play and you can download it from here.

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