Game of Thrones to be completed with a movie?

Well how many seasons do you think that the GoT will have? Seven? Eight perhaps? There are a lot of people thinking about the duration of this super series and as for its creator George R. R. Martin, he takes it a step further: to the big screen! Yes the movies!


According to him, there's a chance we will see the end of the Game of Thrones in the movies! "It's all about how long the movie will last. 7 seasons? 8 perhaps? 10? Perhaps a movie (2 hours long) would be the ideal end of the successful series. After all these dragons are going to be really large!" said George R.R. Martin and left us all wondering what might happen. In any case this kind of things are not strange to HBO since Sex and the City and Entourage have both ended with the same way: a movie!

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