LG Smart Bulb. Controllable bulb by Android or iOS smartphone

Smart bulbs. Philips has been dominating the market with its Hue bulbs but it seems that LG is getting ready to have a bite from the pie, since yesterday, they announced their own smart bulbs. LG Smart Bulb can be controlled by an iOS or Android smartphone (Android 4.3 and above, iOS 6.0 and above).


According to the Koreans, every Smart Bulb has an average life time of 10 years (5 hours of use per day). You can check their luminosity, and use a security code to look like your in the house even if you are not there! They also have a party mode and a play mode that plays music (only for Android smartphones for now). They can also blink whenever you receive a call! Every Smart Bulb will cost almost 23,2Euros in the Korean market, so get ready for them.

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