Wow! This is the Magista, a pair of shoes by Nike for the World Cup 2014

The teams and their coaches are preparing for the World Cup 2014 which will take place next summer in Brazil, but the same has happened with Nike. The company presented the new pair of football shoes specifically for the organization. It is called Magista and they declare that they apply on the leg very well as a sock.



The problem, that players have to deal with, is that the shoes remove the control that they could have with the ball if they were with bare feet. On the other hand, playing with bare feet hurts. Nike with the Magista says that they made football shoes which is the most similar in bare foot and applies as a sock.



The Magista, has removed almost everything we knew from the classic football shoes of the past. First of all, they are not shoes. They are boots that are made to hug the leg up to the ankle. They have no laces or shoehorn that is moving when the players run. But how do you make an elastic boot so steady on the leg of a player?

Nike used the Flyknit technology, a technology that allows the manufacturer to use multi-level weaving in the same material. So, the Magista are as elastic and solid as they sould to be secure and stable.

Watch the video on how the "boots" are designed by Nike.

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