Jason Mackenzie, HTC America president: Samsung Galaxy S5 is just a cheap piece of plastic

Last Tuesday HTC unveiled its All New HTC One (M8) and it looks like HTC America President, Jason Mackenzie, has high hopes for their brand new device. After all that's why he mentioned during an interview that Samsung's Galaxy S5 is "just a cheap piece of plastic"!


During an interview he gave to Business Insider he mentioned: "We're a company that invests in our customers and delivers a beautifully designed product that you can feel proud of," Mackenzie said in an interview with Business Insider. "Samsung is a company that's focused on investing in advertising." "I think they play to their strength: they say, 'we have a lot of cash, let's go out and paint the world blue,'" Mackenzie added. "And I think that's evident when you look at that product." Mackenzie echoed the same things tech pundits have been saying about Samsung phones for years now: That they're made out of poorly designed and cheap-feeling plastic.

"If you want to buy a product built out of cheap plastic, there's a solution for you," Mackenzie said of the Galaxy S5!

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