Diablo III: Reaper of Souls review

After the defeat of Diablo by Nephalem (you), Tyrael takes the cursed Black Soulstone and along with 6 Horadrims decides to banish it. While they prepare for the ceremony in the temple Rakkis, they are being attacked by Malthael who calls himself as the Angel of Death. When he manages to steal the Black Soulstone the fate of the world is in the hands of Nephalem.


In this game we have new maps, new villains and new bosses that offer a far better Act to this game. We also have a new class called Crusaders, a type of holy warriors who combine head to head attacks along with spells. We also get an Adventure Mode that unlocks when you finish at least once the new Act. In this new mode you are free to wander in the world of Diablo III, accept a whole bunch of missions  with significant rewards and collect 4 new items that will unlock a new Nephalem Rift. When you enter this rift you face a whole bunch of enemies and if you win you get tremendous rewards! Oh and there's also a new Loot System 2.0, meaning that you can now get items relevant to your class!

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