A woman listens for the first time and breaks into tears

The reaction of a woman who listened to sounds for the first time in her life, was recorded with a camera in United Kingdom. Joanne Milne from Gateshead, Newcastle suffers from Usher syndrome, a rare genetic abnormality which leads to loss of vision and hearing. The 39-year old Joanne was born with complete deafness and never stopped hoping and trying for something better.


The moment of justice came to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where the doctors insert to her a set of cochlear implants. The devices put into operation and Joanne heared for the first time in her life. A nurse began to tell her slowly and steadily the days of the week and Joanne broke out into tears...

As she said, by the time she heard, she has been unable to stop crying, as well as she is corresponding sounds in the environment around her. The sounds that pass through this kind of implants are not as clean as that of natural hearing, they allow anyone to realize what is happening around him, from noise to speeches. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham is one of the 20 institutions that carry out such operations in Britain.

The video has already many thousand appearances on YouTube ... Those are moments where the technology is at the service of mankind.

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