This is how hackers can steal money from an ATM with a SMS

There are more than 1 million ATMs that run on Windows XP. Some banks tend to replace them, as we have seen recently. It is unknown, if all of them could do this until April 8th because Microsoft is going to stop the support of Windows XP. A security software company, Symantec, revealed recently, how some hackers in Mexico, have developed a mechanism to get money from ATMs with Windows XP, by simply sending a SMS.


Symantec says that the intelligent Mexican hackers, obtain physical access to ATMs, by conecting a USB stick or a CD-ROM with a known malware called Ploutus and then they connect with a mini USB their phone with the ATM. By sending an SMS, the hackers actually send a network pack that gives the command to ATM to "spit" the money it has inside.

Note that the hackers don't need to have continued access to the "back" side of the ATM. They take care to have and hide a USB output in order to connect it with their phone when they are passing by the ATM and take as money as they want.


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