Facebook is going to send drones to areas without internet access!

Mark Zuckerberg spoke at MWC 2014 for the need to have all people access to the internet, even if they are in areas where there is no access to it. Facebook is planning to acquire and then to send unmanned drones which will be powered by solar energy in areas that have no access to the internet. In addition, the project of Zuckerberg will be amplified by satellites and infrared laser rays.

This move could be described as a good response to Google which is preparing flying balloons to achieve the same result. Facebook wants to facilitate more than 1.2 million users and is already working closely with telecommunication providers in countries such as Paraguay and Filippines in order to achieve even greater penetration. For this project, a Connectivity Lab is working in NASA's research center in Ames,Iowa, aiming to bring together experts of aerospace and computer technology.

This is sample of how the drone could be, with the solar panels.



Mark Zuckerberg is also leading the campaign of, aiming to help people to gain access to the internet.

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