The salary of Mark Zuckerberg for all 2013 was 1 dollar!

When you are the founder and CEO of Facebook, a very successful company, the salary is something that you don't care about. Mark Zuckerberg has currently property of 27.8 billion dollars, mainly in shares of Facebook. In accordance with new documents published this week, the salary of Zuckerberg for all 2013 was just 1 dollar!


In 2012, the salary and the bonus of Zuckerberg was in total 1.99 million dollars, with the salary to be $503,205. In 2013, although the salary was just $1, the bonus amounted to $652.165, primarily for the transport and the security provided by the company to himself. Although the salary of Zuckerberg declined from $503,205 to $1 within a year, his property has doubled thanks to doubling the value of the shares of Facebook!

The list with those workers who are paid just $1 per year, as well as they do not need the money, also includes Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, who have in fact this salary for a decade. The list also included Steve Jobs.

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