Facebook "kills" the battery of your iPhone!

If you wonder what is happening to the battery of your iPhone, when from 100% goes to zero within 10-12 hours that you are on the move, don't worry and don't blame the phone! As says, the major reason that "kills" the battery of your iPhone very quickly, is the various applications running in the background such as Facebook!


An expert on Apple procucts run the Instruments app which is included in the developer tool of the company, Xcode, to see how much memory, processing power and energy are needed of each application that runs in an iPhone. He deactivated the Location Services and the Background App Refresh specifically for Facebook and as a result, the battery consumption has declined to 12-17%!  As he notes, this is the first time he saw that.

If you are wondering why is this happening, then you must consider all the services based on Facebook (messaging with chatting, content, tagging and many more). If you add the acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook is considering about the VoIP market, so a large part of company's R&D is devoted to "silent" issues such as energy consumption and data management.

In case you want to try for yourself, you can go to Location Settings (Settings > Privacy > Location Services) and Background App Refresh (Settings > General > Background App Refresh) and to deactivate the associated with Facebook services. And don't forget to tell us what happened!

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