Turn your phone into a Game Boy

Truth is that no matter how much we love iOS games the small display of the iPhone you cannot enjoy a good game on it. Especially low end games, from emulators like the ones we enjoyed with Game Boy a couple of years ago. But things often change and here's how they can turn to be even better than before, with an awesome gadget we found in Gizmodo!


It's in fact a rubber case that fits right on the Lightning port of your iPhone and has all the necessary buttons that you can push just like you would if you owned the original Game Boy! It also works with non-jailbroken iPhones and you can install this way a special app called GBA4iOS that allows you to play all Game Boy gaming titles just like the way they were meant to be played! Note also that it does not need Bluetooth or other wireless technology in order to work.

How can you buy it? Just support the developer in his Indiegogo campaign by giving only $13 to help him reach the goal of $16.000 he wants.

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