Before the announcement of iPhone, Google was preparing the first Android smartphone without touch screen!

Before Apple announcing iPhone, Google seemed to have wanted to release the first Android smartphone with physical keys and without touch screen support! That was happening back in 2006, as revealed by documents leaked from the court, in the background of the huge legal battle of Apple and Samsung.


In a document of 2006, which you can read here, we see many features of Android (software and hardware), such as widgets, notifications, Google services, third-party applications support, the removable storage space, etc, with the thought, of course, that the operation would be with natural keys. Android at that stage (which was based on Linux 2.6) had no support for touch screens, however, there was nothing wrong with the architecture of the product which could prevent the touch screen support in the future.

This came later - incidentally, shortly after the announcement of ... the iPhone from Apple in 2007 - making all of us to remember with tthe post entitled "The day that Google changed everything from Android because of ... iPhone" thanks to an article of The Atlantic and a book which brings us back to the time of the announcement of the first iPhone.

The rest is the story that we know ...

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