Which account on Twitter has more than 37.4 million tweets?

How many tweets you can write every day? Ten, hundrent? There is an account on Twitter, which has 37.4 million tweets from 5 August 2009 until today! The account is the ヴェネティス ‏ (@YOUGAKUDAN_00) from Japan. If someone calculates how many tweets must be written daily to reach the 37.4 million tweets, you will be surprised to see that they must be 22,152. This is a bot account, as well as the figure is too large to consider that people write tweets endlessly.


However, it seems that a real user is now responsible for the account, after the daily tweets have been reduced to a dozen a day or a little more.

Finally, the followers of the account are 47.100. Who wants to see in his account 22,152 tweets from an account and look for the tweets of the others? Twitter shows all the tweets of the users on the home page, because it does not work with filtering as Facebook.


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