Ηow much time it takes to see a whole tv series?

There are countless tv series that you want to watch, but you are concerned where to find the time to do it? When you hear that a particular show has already been reached the 5th season and multiply it with the episodes of each season, you get immediately in stress when you will be able to complete it if you decide to start it. So if you want the duration of how much will take you to watch a tv series from the beginning to the end, Nielsen made a useful table.


Here you will find how much "clean" time (without advertising etc. ) is needed to watch very famous and successful television shows, from House of Cards and Sherlock until Scandal and Game of Thrones, with the list as going down to grow in duration and "sacrifices". The 24 series for example wants 6 days and 2 hours, which means a week away from work and without phones! Watch, calculate and make the decision ...


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