Almost half of iPhones are still 4/4S!

The data came from U.S.A so does not reflect the world market, but it is quite enlightening.


Morgan Stanley conducted this research, according to which a very large percentage of iPhone owners still have 4/4S, not 5 or 5S/ 5C. In some cases (depending on the service provider), even more than 1 to 2 users have iPhone 4/4S! The percentage of users who have even older Apple products such as 3GS, is with only one digit and the figures for iPhone 5 are equally interesting!

It seems that one group of users still follows the regular upgrade when a new iPhone is available. So, we have several 5S/5C and 4/4S users, compared with those who have 5, which was released the same period with the others. The results are not by accident, as iPhone 4/4S were excellent devices and many people still use them, especially since 5/5S/5C does not offer larger display, even if they have other advantages.

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