Hello Kitty fire extinguishers in Japan.

In Japan, the home of anime and manga, the totally different country as regards to pop culture that we have seen so much, we saw this too: the popular franchise of Hello Kitty to appear in many places and cases, it's now everywhere. Even in ... fire extinguishers! Yep, Hello Kitty fire extinguishers ...


It is a product of Hatsuta company which announced an entire collection! Each fire extinguisher will be sold for $80 and is directed mostly to little girls. Because of their design, they are matching more to residential areas, living rooms, kitchens, offices, children's rooms and more. It is the second Hello Kitty fire extinguisher circulating in the country of the "Rising Sun" after a similar effort made in 2001 by another company.

About Hello Kitty however, in Japan we have seen many things: vehicles, purses, guitars, guns, bathroom mats, diapers, clocks, vacuum cleaners, pots, nail polishes, coffins (!), beers, bikes, shoes, toasters, microwave ovens, eyeliners, slippers, armchairs, high hill shoes, espresso cups, tvs, baby car seats, sewing machines, cameras, walkie-talkies, vibrators and the list goes on ...

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