A live infographic: Internet in Real-Time.

On the 100 seconds we watched the page "The Internet in Real-Time", the statistics which were created, were truly impressive. 460,800 searches in Google, 570,000 tweets on Twitter, 231,400 total hours of monitoring videos on Youtube, 3,500 check-ins at foursquare, 5,219,600 likes on Facebook - and not only. The figures are many and from various social media sites, messaging services and other applications that we use online every day, as you can see in the following screenshot.


And the numbers are raising constantly, in a very impressive live infographic which gives us, in real time, data from the life on the Internet which you can watch for quite some time. At some point, however, we have reached the limits of vertigo, so we closed the page and we continued surfing elsewhere.

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