How to properly cut a cake!

Info of the day ... This is the way to cut a round cake as for many years we cut it in the wrong way (in triangles)! This is so because an uncovered part remains uncovered with the resault not to remain fresh ...

And which is the correct way? According to Numberphile and its "scientific method" which explains via Youtube, as follows:


- Cut a wide strip from the middle of the cake, creating two slices from edge to edge.



- Push the two halves of the cake to join again, and hold them together with a rubber band.



- Get ready to eat the piece you cut!



- Continue the next time you want to eat a piece of cake, by cutting s strip with the same way.



This method allows the cake to remain in better condition, as it does not expose its inside and doesn't get drier, in order to remain fresh and enjoyable. Enjoy your meal!


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