Destiny. Τhe extra content for PlayStation 4 was announced!

Destiny is among the most anticipated games of the year. Particularly, the fans of PlayStation 4 are waiting for September 9th, the day when the game will be released on the market.


According with what we saw at E3, Sony plans to promote its console through Destiny, and this is why they took the decision to create a bundle package that will include the game and a white version of PS4. But on 9 September, the official release day of the game, the lucky PlayStation 4 gamers will have one more reason to be happy, as they will receive an exclusive in-game bonus content. In particular, PlayStation 4 will have an additional co-op mission of three players, which will follow the effort of a militant group to find the lost traces of a research group, which has been lost on Mars. In addition, users of PS4 will recieve the Exodus Blue map, a medium-sized skirmish arena, as well special equipment for the classes of Warlocks, Titans and Hunters. In addition, PS4 users will have the opportunity to use 2 new types of weapons, but also to fly three spaceships.


Judging from the above, it is clear that the PlayStation 4 gamers will be more in favour from other platforms. Watch the following video of Destiny!

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