iPad Air 2. Its first photos have leaked!

iPad Air 2, the new rumored iPad of Apple has started to nod. In fact, as time goes by and we will come closer to autumn (a period where traditionally Apple announces its new devices), more and photos will leak about the new products which are under development of Apple. And because we had enough of the unofficial appearances of iPhone 6, now is the time to take a "unofficial" taste from the successor of iPad Air.


Taking a glance at photos of the dummy device of iPad Air 2 which have recently leaked on the Internet, it is clear that Apple does not seem to differ the new device significantly from the previous iPad Air. What has immediately attracted our attention is that it has a circular home key, which is most likely to have the Touch ID technology.




The side sections of the device as we can see at the photos, have the traditional volume buttons, but the classic lock key shows to be mysteriously missing. In addition, next to the camera's sensor there is a small opening which is most likely to serve as the microphone, but without knowing exactly what it is.



In general, it is too soon for any conclusions with regard to the technical capabilities of iPad Air 2, as Apple is sure to continuously testing different technical and design concepts, until the formal presentation of the successor of iPad Air. Patience, as in the following days will come to the surface more news on Apple iPad.


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