What would happen if Earth stopped spinning? (vid)

A lot of questions ... And one of them which you may not have ever thought about is what would happen if at any time Earth stops rotating. As you will see, it may be interesting to learn, but not to experience, as things on the planet will not be good ...


In the video that you will find at the end of the post, you can learn more about this question. In summary, however, the following will happen:


  • - Your body will be soared to the East as a bone and muscle mass, with the incredible speed of 465 meters per second if you are near the Equator and a little less as you are away from this (e.g. with 368 meters per second if you are close to ... San Francisco).
  • - The people near the poles will survive, but only for a while, and those who are on an airplane just for a few seconds of course because giant storms will follow which would kill them.
  • - The wind speed - faster that of an explosion of an atomic bomb- will be so big, which will cause fires directly across the globe, while the wind will also cause a huge washout that will destroy anything on earth's surface.
  • - A giant tsunami will be caused by the oceans, with the water to move toward the poles.
  • - In addition, the core of the Earth will stop spinning with the result that without the existence of the protective magnetic field, the radioactive rays of the Sun will kill instantaneously what could "survive" after all the above.
  • - Finally, half of the Earth would be constantly exposed to the sun, while the other half would be frozen.
  • As you can imagine, life on earth will never be able to exist, even if the planet could start spinning at sometime.


Watch more in the following 9-minute video "documentary".

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