Earin. The wireless earbud headphones you've always wanted!

They called Earin and were able to win more money that they requested in their "campaign" at Kickstarter in short time. As their creators said , they are the smallest wireless earbud headphones in the world and their appearance says everything...


Earin weight just 5 grams, while it is difficult for someone to realize that you wear them. But even if they come to his attention, he would believe that they are earplugs and not faccessories for listening to music.


Now, as regards to their capabilities, they connect to your mobile via Bluetooth and you can listen to your favorite music for 2.5 to 3 hours, until you need to charge them.


Teir cost to make them is 79 GBP (100 euros) at this point, if and when they become available, and the recommended retail price will be doubled. We will begin to be sent, however, to those who order now, in January 2015.


Watch Earin in action in the following video.

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