The first 3D-printed US president is a fact!

Yes, the American president can add it to his list with the things that did for the first time, as he became the first who saw himself ... 3D printed!


The 3D-printed figure of Barack Obama was presented for the first time on 18 June at White House Maker Faire, a celebration of students and businessmen who use the technology to create new products and businesses, as we learn from the Smithsonian Institution.

A group of experts in 3D digital imaging scaned the face of the American president, using a high-resolution face scanner from the University of Southern California. For making his 3D printed portrait, however, 3D hand scanners helped and also SLR cameras, and, then, experts in 3D graphics from Autodesk, produced high-resolution models which were printed from the Laser Sintering printers by 3D Systems.

The scans and the printed models will become part of the collection of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery which includes portraits of American presidents, but none has been created with so much advanced technology.


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