Swiss luxury on Apple iWatch with the recruitment of a senior officer of Tag Heuer!

Patrick Pruniaux, Vice President of Sales and Retail of Tag Heuer leaves Switzerland for  ... Cupertino and Apple.


The high-ranking official of the Swiss company is expected to become the new "weapon" of Apple's efforts to establish a special smartwatch, the famous iWatch, for which we have read so much, will make a difference on the market.

Tag Heuer, the company where Pruniaux belonged, is known for its luxury watches, in a country like Switzerland which is synonymous to quality in this category. The rumours want Apple to have made several efforts to co-operate with Swiss manufacturers in iWatch, as to approach other company members in the country to work in their project of the smartwatch, however, it seems that Pruniaux is the one who agreed to make the big "step" and travel to California.

He is not, however, the first man dealing luxury and lifestyle who works for Apple, as there have been two more, Angela Ahrendts from Burberry and Paul Deneve from Υves Saint Laurent.

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