Windows 9 (or otherwise Τhreshold). What new leaks say about the three different versions!

Windows 9, which up to now are known with the codename "Threshold", will be released in accordance with all the information the next April, but new leaks on them reveal the different nature, depending on whether they will incorporate into "traditional" desktops and laptops, in proposals with touchscreen or devices (tablets or phones) with screen under 10 inches.


Microsoft seems to listen the public and their concerns, depending on the device that everyone uses, as also complaints about interfaces that do not match and a Modern UI that does not match to the owners without a touch screen device.

  •  If you have a "classic" desktop PC or laptop, which you use with keyboard and mouse, the system will have as default the "classic" desktop interface of Windows, which will have also a Mini-Start Menu (while the Metro-Style/Windows Store apps can run in their own windows).
  • If you have a touch screen device without keyboard/mouse, it will have the Modern UI. As we read, in fact, the two-in-one devices, such as Lenovo Yoga or Surface Pro, will support switching between Metro-Style and classic desktop mode, depending on whether their keyboards are connected or not.
  • If you have a smartphone or tablet with ARM or Intel Atom hardware and display less than 10 inches, the version of Threshold will not have the "traditional" desktop environment.

In addition, Microsoft, the same period with Windows 9 is expected to present Office Touch, which will be addressed in devices incorporating Modern UI. Finally, as we read, prior to the release of "Threshold", Windows 8.1 will receive a further update in autumn, which will include the Update 2, but without very significant changes.


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