Old Nokia phones can save lives!

Old Nokia phones, for over a decade, are known for their extremely huge (almost legendary) durability. Together with the king of Nokia phones, Nokia 3310 (which is called "Chuck Norris" of mobile phones), all devices from the Finnish company which were released near 2000, are known that can withstand all kinds of hardship and abuse, surviving under extremely harsh conditions.


These ancient mobiles of Nokia (on the basis of the current data), are now accomplish another important role, cause in any case of danger, they can save a human life. This exactly happened to Liu Quanming, a 70 year old man from Taiwan, who instead of staying home, he decided to hike in the countryside. At some point the unfortunate Liu lost his company and in a moment of carelessness, he slipped and fell into a gorge. However, Liu proved to be lucky in his misfortune, as the moment of his fall, his Nokia mobile phone felt too. For many days, the rescue team could not find the unlucky man, but on the fifth day they managed to identify Liu through his phone! Despite the fall and the many days that had passed, the Nokia phone (the model was not disclosed) continued to operate normally, with full battery! Finding his mobile, the rescue team was able to reach the position where Liu was.

Fortunately, he only has some small injuries ... We are confident that Liu should be grateful to Nokia which in the past released mobile phones that were so resistant to the point where they can you save even your life!

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