How today's children react on Game Boy (video)!

How many of you remember Game Boy, the first portable console of Nintendo, which the time that was released, late 80s, it caused a chaos on gamers? Not, it had neither touch screen capabilities, nor high resolution screen (160x144 pixels with 4 shades of gray). Although it is ancient on the basis of current data, Game Boy was so successful that has been able to sell more than 118 million devices worldwide and it is not by chance that its production stopped in 2003.


The most people over thirty had it at least once in their hands, but today's children have not, which react with their own unique way when come in contact with the first portable console of Nintendo. The well-known comedy group, The Fine Bros., has created another hilarious video with kids reactions, showing children trying (probably in vain) to understand what is this bulky and strange device in frond of them. Watch the video below...

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