Star Wars: Commander. New free game for iOS devices (video)!

The universe of Star Wars is really endless, so the developers continue to release games for all platforms. The most recent game that is themed of Star Wars is Star Wars: Commander, which comes from Disney Interactive and is a free download for all iPad devices and iPhone devices with iOS (the version for Android will be avialiable in a few weeks)!


Star Wars: Commander is a strategy game, which borrows many elements from Clash of Clans, a highly successful and popular mobile strategy game. The events in the game is happening the time period between Star Wars Episode IV and Star Wars Episode VI, you meet in the battles many of your favorite heroes of the first trilogy of Star Wars, such as Han Solo, Darth Vader and Princess Leia. Star Wars: Commander allows you to choose the side for which you will fight for (Rebels or Empire) and your primary objective is to build and defend your base, but also to create troops to fight the emenies. During Star Wars: Commander, you will travel to many of your favorite planets of Star Wars world (as Hoth and Tatooine), while you are going to work together with other players in order to create powerful alliances.



Star Wars: Commander is a very good effort, made for the fans of Star Wars who love mobile gaming, but also for all fanatical gamers. Take a look at the video below to get a taste and to build a more complete picture of the game ...

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